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Laws regarding the collection of sales tax vary by location and undergo frequent change in content

  • as well as interpretation by governmental agencies. HM Store Fixture Co. any parent companies and/or subsidiaries will always make every effort to fully comply with the law and governmental regulations. It is our understandings at this time that customers, whether business or individual, bear the responsibility of reporting purchases that are shipped across state lines and to pay the state and any applicable local sales taxes as per their local laws and regulations. HM Store Fixture Co. is registered in and conducts business within the state of Georgia, and therefore collects sales tax for orders billed or shipped within the state of Georgia. Organizations with current and valid sales tax exemptions may request an exemption for sales tax collection by speaking with customer service and providing a copy of required documentation. Sales tax laws and regulations apply to all businesses and individuals within the United States. Online businesses that advertise "No Sales Tax" may not fully understand the sales tax laws, or may be misleading their customers whether intentional or not. Some products are shipped direct from the manufacturer to the customer by HM Store Fixture Co. Some manufacturer's sales agreements require that sales tax be collected on any products they ship direct to the customer in certain states. Examples include but are not limited to Blodgett Oven requiring sales tax collection for products shipped direct within the 15 states that Blodgett has manufacturing or office space in. HM Store Fixture Co. does not make the tax law, or set the sales tax collection requirements of our suppliers. Sales tax for shipments within the state of Georgia should show sales tax on the automatically generated invoice. Sales tax for shipments outside the state of Georgia will not show on the automatically generated invoice, but will be collected if required.

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